New Home Representation

Your new construction journey can be one full of excitement, but oftentimes, an overwhelming experience. You will likely be full of anticipation having the opportunity to build the floorplan you have carefully chosen, on the lot of choice. It is a huge investment and one that you want to be very happy with at the conclusion. You will need to be equipped with patience and knowledge. While production builders have the home construction process systematized so they can work very efficiently, we work hard to ensure you are proud of your finished home.

So that you are equipped with what to expect, let’s look at the major stages in the process. Some of these stages require action or input from you and some are totally on the builder, the construction crews and subcontractors, the inspectors, and even the sales representatives for the builder. These stages can vary from builder to builder, however, working with an agent experienced with the construction phases and helping guide you through each one will give you peace to enjoy the process.

Neighborhood, Lot, and Floorplan Selection

Starting the search begins with narrowing down the communities and builders. There are plenty in our area to select from. You share your “must haves” and “I wants” with us. Based off that list we can narrow down the area, communities with desired amenities, and most fitting floorplans that meet your criteria. Together we can tour the models and meet with the builder on-site representative. Reviewing the covenants and restrictions or governing documents is essential if fences, landscaping, or pets, for example, are important factors to your family's lifestyle.

Sales Contract Finalized

Once a community, lot, and floorplan are selected you will be asked to sign a sales contract. A daunting amount of paperwork and legal language is required. Our team will guide you through the contract to ensure you are comfortable and ready to move forward into a ratified agreement. Making sure you are clear on everything you are agreeing to will help remove tension and lessen worry during construction. You will be asked to give your earnest money deposit at this time. This is held in escrow until closing then applied to your closing expenses.

new home representation

Design Center Selection

Now this is our favorite part. Let’s go to make the exterior and interior selections, pulling together your dream board of finishes. Most builders provide access to their design center by appointment where they will have a helpful design associate present the material and color selections. I can help guide you through making choices of materials while also ensuring no detail is overlooked that you might later say “I wish I had….”. There are places to save money and places to go ahead and spend it through the builder so it is covered under their warranty and have it completed at time of closing for convenience. Oftentimes, a final earnest money deposit is required based on the selections you made.


When your building permit is released from the municipality, we will attend either in person or virtually a pre-build meeting with your construction manager. You will be presented with a plat of your plot showing your new home foundation lines and lot easements, along with reviewing all the chosen options and materials. Once your home goes into production the excitement heightens, but so can the questions. We will be on-site weekly ensuring you are kept up-to-date on progress, answer questions you may have, and meet with the construction manager as needed. A great way to keep you informed and a part of the process is through taking photos and videos each site visit.


The day you have longed or is here! Finally, you get to tour the home with the construction manager guiding you through the functionalities of the mechanics and reviewing warranties that will convey to you as the homeowner. It is a good idea to have a third party inspection completed. He or she will provide you, the builder, and us with a copy of the findings of the report along with any recommendations. Your home building journey is complete and off to final closing at the attorney’s office. We will be present to preview closing documents, answer questions, and counsel you on real estate related matters. We are available to assist, support, and represent you from the beginning to the end.


Ms. Haskell is very dependable and knowledgeable in all things real estate. She went above and beyond.